Stay at home: more than 100 free e-books for teenagers and young people to read during quarantine

In these delicate days that we are experiencing, where we must all stay at home to avoid contagion, many families are turning to educational resources and online activities to entertain their children, while they learn.

To make this task easier for us, many publishers have decided to contribute their grain of sand by allowing the free download of books and stories for all audiences, joining others that already allow free online reading.

If a few days ago we proposed titles for children and adults , in this article we recommend more than 100 classic and modern works for adolescents and young people to read during quarantine.

Keep Reading at home (Planet Group)

Grupo Planeta has wanted to contribute its grain of sand to help us cope with confinement at home by making a selection of titles available for all audiences . You can choose the reading you like the most in #keepreadingencasa , but here are some recommended titles for teenagers and young people:

  • ‘Planet Manga’ , comic for teenagers.
  • ‘The shadow of the wind’ , a masterful book written by Ruiz Zafón, essential reading for young people and adults.
  • ‘The Da Vinci Code’ , Dan Brown’s best seller that thrills with its fast-paced and mysterious plot.
  • Something as simple as tweeting I love you , a fresh novel by Blue Jeans that narrates the experiences of a group of friends who start university.


In WeebleBooks they have a collection of more than 50 educational, fun, modern, simple and imaginative books for children and young people. All the books are free, and can be read online from your computer or tablet, or downloaded in various formats to be able to read them offline and at your own pace.

We can search for the book that most interests us according to age or search by category (emotional education, biography, geography, science, space, science fiction, history, classical literature, environment, mythology, spelling and poetry).

The examples that we propose for adolescents from 12 years old are :

  • ‘Objective South Pole’ , an adventure book that narrates the great epic of the South Pole.
  • ‘The nights awake’ , a book of poetry about concerns and fears and how to overcome them.
  • ‘History and its stories’ , a fantastic journey through different periods of history* Oldest for teenagers to learn while having fun.

The Digital Student

In addition to stories for children, in El Estudiante Digital you can find classic works for teenagers, young people and adults and up to 21 novels narrated in English for beginners and intermediate levels. All books can be downloaded in PDF format.

Some examples that we propose:

  • Classic works such as ‘Heart, diary of a child’ , ‘The sign of the four’ or ‘The Boscombe Valley’ , by Sherlock Holmes, or ‘Tales of fear’
  • More than 40 Jules Verne novels , from his classics ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ or ‘The Mysterious Island’ , to other short stories such as ‘The Captain’s Children’ or ‘Around the Moon’
  • Classic poems by authors such as Espronceda or Machado


Amazon also makes an extensive catalog of downloadable e-books available to customers . You can find all the titles in the ‘Top 100 free books’ , although practically all the titles are for adult audiences. However, we leave you some of the books that we have found suitable for adolescents and young people:

  • ‘Romeo and Juliet’ , the classic Shakespeare play that we should all read.
  • ‘The Disappeared’ , a short novel of mystery and intrigue written by Raúl Garbantes.
  • ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘ Overwatch ‘, for fans of these video games.
  • ‘2065’ , a suspense book with global warming as a backdrop, written by José Miguel Gallardo.
  • ‘Sports Laboratory: The Olympic Village’ , a fun book about a teacher’s Physical Education blog. Written by Norberto Domínguez Jurado.
  • Avengers comic , for fans of this action saga.

ILCE Digital Library

The Digital Library of the Latin American Institute of Educational Communication offers a catalog of downloadable books in PDF format for children of all ages.

These are the titles that you can find for the adolescent and youth audience:

  • ‘The Iliad’ , Homer’s classic novel that narrates the war between Troy and Greece.
  • ‘The Raven’ and ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ , by Allan Poe
  • ‘The Elves’ , by Ludwig Tieck, which narrates a fantastic journey to the land of the elves.

Hey Juanjo!

On the web Hey Juanjo! You ‘ll find up to 20 downloadable novels in PDF format for teens to read whenever they want. They are all classic works; literature titles of all time that are worth reading.

Some examples that we propose:

  • ‘Love in the time of cholera’ , by García Márquez
  • ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by Tolkien
  • ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott
  • ‘Alice in Wonderland’ , by Carroll
  • ‘Ana Frank’s diary’

Free Ebooks

By registering for free on the Free-Ebooks website , you will be able to download a large number of titles for all audiences. If we take a look at the “Juvenile Novels” section , these are some of the proposals that you can find:

  • “Narnia” by CS Lewis
  • ‘Wizard by chance’ , by Laura G
  • ‘The Prince of the Sea’ , by Txetxu Núñez
  • ‘An astronaut in the neighborhood’ , by Eloy Barba
  • ‘Police! Stop that book!’ , by Albert Segurana

cool books

Great Books is a public library with books that can be downloaded both for free online, and others in a paid version. In its ‘Juvenile Novels’ section , we can find a vast catalog of works for adolescents and young people.

Some examples that we propose:

  • Between the flames , by Ginger Vermar
  • ‘Titanic 2020’ , by Collin Bateman
  • ‘The Five Go on a Cruise’ , by Claude Voilier
  • ‘The year the world fell apart’ , tells the story of a teenager who loses her mother
  • The Knights of the Cristalia , by Brandon Sanderson

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