The 19 best anti-stretch mark creams that will take care of your skin during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a series of hormonal changes take place that can affect the skin, making it more sensitive , irritable and more prone to acne. To this is added, in addition, a greater propensity to chloasma (sun spots) and the appearance of stretch marks as gestation progresses.

Stretch marks occur when elastic fibers in the dermis break when stretched , leaving a scar in the form of whitish or purple sinuous lines. Normally, they usually appear on the abomen and breasts, although it is also common to find them on the buttocks, thighs and hips.

There are some recommendations that we can carry out to prevent the appearance of stretch marks , although the most important thing is to maintain correct hydration by applying an anti-stretch mark cream through a gentle massage that favors the penetration of its active ingredients.

In the market we will find numerous brands of anti-stretch mark creams especially indicated during pregnancy. We advise you some of the most used by future moms from the second trimester of pregnancy.

Weleda anti-stretch mark oil

Weleda has developed a 100% natural oil that nourishes and helps visibly improve the appearance of the skin. It is formulated based on organic almond oil and organic arnica extracts, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks and improves the appearance of those that have already appeared.

Woman Isdin Anti-Stretch Marks

The ingredients in this cream include Gotu kola, rosehip, Shorae butter and vitamin E with antioxidant action, which help to enhance the elasticity of the skin and provide intense hydration.

Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

This cream is one of the most popular on the market to prevent stretch marks. Contains Triticum vulgare oil, collagen hydrolyzate, elastin hydrolyzate and gotu kola extract. Its application is recommended twice a day.

Suavinex anti-stretch mark cream

Its rapid absorption and the pleasant smell that it gives off after application, make this cream one of the favorites of pregnant women. Helps to increase skin elasticity thanks to the combination of gotu kola and hyaluronic acid.

Mustela anti-stretch mark body cream

This cream, made with beeswax and shea butter, has been specially formulated to take care of the delicate skin of women during pregnancy. Its application twice a day helps to improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin.


At Bio ‑ Oil they are specialists in skin care, and for pregnant women they recommend the application of this body oil with a non-greasy texture, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and improve the appearance of scars and blemishes.

Stretch Mark Pregnancy Oil

Among the ingredients selected for the production of this oil, the rosehip stands out, known for its action in preventing and reducing red and white stretch marks, while improving the texture of the skin.

Regenerative repair

Cream made from rosehip and gotu kola, which helps prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Its smooth texture and rapid absorption make it one of the essential cosmetics during pregnancy.

Eucerín body oil

Very fast absorbing hypoallergenic oil, perfect for all skin types and especially recommended during pregnancy for its careful ingredients, which help nourish the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Leti Anti-Stretch Marks

Special triple action broad spectrum cream capable of effectively preventing stretch marks thanks to its ingredients of marine origin that provide the skin with the necessary elasticity at this stage.

Elancyl anti-stretch marks

It is a cream formulated with safflower oil and vitamin C, which helps to repair and restructure the skin, while nourishing and softening it for better resistance to tightness. Leaves skin soft, silky and hydrated.

Rilastil from Cumlaude laboratories

Cream formulated with essential amino acids, a vitamin complex and rice bran oil, which provides the skin with great softness and hydration, helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Specially designed to be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Phytolastil stretch mark prevention gel

Reactivates collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity, helping to prevent or reduce stretch marks (depth, width, length and color). In addition, it provides great firmness and softness to the skin from its first application.

Clarins anti-stretch marks

This cream, formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, is perfect to be used during pregnancy and lactation, helping to combat the appearance of stretch marks and reducing existing ones. Moisturizes, nourishes and firms the skin in depth, promoting tissue regeneration.

Anti-stretch mark tiagene

Moisturizing anti-stretch mark cream enriched with gotu kola, collagen, rosehip oil and vitamins, which helps the skin achieve greater elasticity and firmness. It does not contain parabens or dyes, so it is perfect to be used during pregnancy.

Me and Me anti-stretch marks

The formulation of this cream prevents the appearance of stretch marks, reduces old ones by more than 27%, increases skin firmness by 53% and collagen by 115%. In addition, it contains prebiotics that help protect the natural ecosystem of the skin.

Anti-stretch mark bepanthol

This cream contains a unique formula with panthenol, centella asiatica and other natural ingredients that provide everything you need to nourish and hydrate hyper-stretched skin during pregnancy and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Farma Dorsch stretch mark cream

This cream favors the progressive disappearance of stretch marks on the skin while preventing the appearance of others. Its ingredients are of vegetable origin, and it does not contain parabens, silicones or alcohol.

Onum anti-stretch mark dry oil

This organic anti-stretch mark complex with nine dry oils is ideal to combat the appearance of stretch marks, as it strengthens, generates and deeply hydrates the skin of future moms. It does not contain essential oils or preservatives, and its ingredients are of natural origin.

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