The 23 star toys most requested by children to give this Christmas

The children have already begun to write their letters to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men with the gifts they most want this year. Although it is important to find a balance in purchases to avoid an avalanche of gifts, which does not benefit the little ones at all, such as applying the rule of the four gifts , there are some “popular” toys that are especially desired this Christmas. We tell you which are the toys most requested by children this year to give away at Christmas .


The Ksi-Meritos are the fashionable toys that come from Mexico and are also popular in our country. His line “Neonatos” has come to Spain to stay. They are dolls that come from outer space, from a planet called “Neonatitlán”, and that children have to adopt and care for with the help of nurse Tania who shares videos on how to care for them through YouTube.

The bellies

Similar to the previous ones, the Bellies are interactive dolls that you have to take care of, remove the umbilical cord and then they will start talking. In addition, when placed next to another Belly, they recognize and talk to each other. They come with a bottle, blanket and personalized pacifier. It measures 17 cm and is recommended for children from 3 years old.

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Unicorns and slime are in fashion and in this toy the two are combined. It is a unicorn that you feed slime and poop. Of course it is a “magic” poop with colored glitter and that changes color. It is one of the stars of this Christmas.

Beyblade Burst Evolutio

Spinning top battles are all the rage among children. The Beyblade line offers games to create collectible and interchangeable spinning top battles. Includes a set to make battles and two spinning tops. Recommended for more than 8 years. The Evolution version is on sale at El Corte Inglés (sold out online).

Nintendo switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest success and one of the most requested consoles by children for the coming Christmas. The secret to its success is that it is designed to take it wherever you go, transforming from a home console to a portable console in an instant.

Playstation 4 slim

The latest slim console for Playstation PS4 is one of the most popular toys among teenagers. They have a huge variety of games, in addition to the possibility of playing online, among others, the most popular game of the moment, Fortnite .

Lol surprise

They are balls that contain dolls that are collected. The one we see here belongs to the Pearl Surprise limited edition that includes two dolls and accessories.

LOL Surprise Pets

With the same concept, they have also launched collectible pet figures. The attraction for children is in the unboxing since when opening the ball they find seven layers of surprises: secret message sticker, collectible sticker sheet, water bottle charm, shoes, costume, accessory and the LOL.Pets Mascot.

Cry Baby by IMC

The crying babies IMC Toys are No. 1 selling dolls on Amazon. If you remove the pacifier, he cries real tears and makes sounds. There are also smaller ones, 24 different models to collect, which come inside a little surprise house. For children over three years old.

Pinypon Story House

Las figuritas de Pinypon siguen siendo de las más populares entre los más pequeños.En la casa de los cuentos hay lugar para todas las figuras de cuento; la torre de Rapunzel, la cocina que comparten Cenicienta y Blanca nieves, la cama con el lobo de Caperucita, la habitación de Wendy para Peter Pan, el taller de carpintería de Gepeto. Incluye la figura de Cenicienta.

Tyrannosaurus Rex de Jurassic World

Es un mega dinosaurio de casi un metro y detalles y acabados súper realistas. Un regalo ideal su tu hijo es un amante de los dinosaurios. Tiene patas y brazos articulados y mandíbulas muy anchas que se pueden abrir y cerrar, y puede engullir hasta 20 minifiguras de acción enteras de dinosaurios (que se venden por separado).

Acuario de Playmobil

Playmobil is always a sure hit. Among its latest novelties, the aquarium from the Family Fun collection is among the toys most requested by children. With terrace, cave, windows with panoramic views and a dome that allows you to observe the sea lions. Includes a turntable and 3 figures. Recommended for more than 5 years.

Lego mindstorms

It is a line of robotics for children manufactured by the LEGO company, with basic elements of robotic theories, such as the joining of pieces and the programming of actions in an interactive way. Includes 550 LEGO Technic elements. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Mega Garage Hot Wheels

Megagaraje que incluye 36 plazas de aparcamiento y espacio de juego para más coches de la colección Hot Wheels. Se puede conectar con otras pistas de Hot Wheels, y viene con cinco vehículos Hot Wheels y un helicóptero.

Fábrica de slime

Una fábrica para que los niños hagan su propio slime con un polvo para crearlo, así como accesorios (confeti, purpurina, pegatinas, figuras, etc). Incluye una mezcladora para prepararlo. Recomendado para + de 6 años.


Es un juego de mesa con más de 50 símbolos para entrenar la rapidez y los reflejos. Hay dos versiones: para los más pequeños (Dobble Kids para más de 4 años) y el clásico para mayores de seis.

Nenuco Happy Doctor

One of the latest news from Nenuco, an interactive medical consultation with an augmented reality app that can be downloaded to a tablet or mobile phone, although it can also be played without the app. It allows you to keep track of the patient’s history, make reviews, attend emergencies and has accessories such as a bracelet that indicates if the baby has a fever. Recommended for more than three years.

Nancy youtuber

The Nancy of a lifetime is updated, and now she is YouTuber! It includes an app, which does not require an internet connection, with which children can create their own YouTube channel, edit their videos and share them fictitiously. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Cars3 Florida race track

The Cars3 mega racing circuit is the largest in the history of Disney Pixar Cars, when assembled it measures more than five feet long. It has a propeller that launches cars around the circuit at an incredible speed, includes a car and is recommended for children over 4 years old.


They are among the toys most requested by children for a couple of years. It consists of a toy egg that hides inside a virtual pet that has not yet been born. By providing good care, the egg hatches and an interactive pet is born that they will have to continue caring for.

Furreal friends

They are interactive stuffed animals that react to the care of children. For example, this little dog jumps up and barks when you wave your hand or pat his head, and sits up when you stroke his back. They act like real pets and are soft like a stuffed animal.

Paw Patrol – Training Center

The Paw Patrol continues to be all the rage among the little ones. This is the Paw Patrol Rescue Training center to train the entire team for their missions. For children from 3 years.

Sylvanian Families

These adorable characters are the object of desire of the little ones. They are collectible animal figures with movable arms and legs and a whole world around them. This multi-room, furniture and lighting dollhouse includes two figures and is recommended for children over three years of age.

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