The first Bluetooth pregnancy test arrives: an app tells you if you are pregnant or not

The moment of carrying out a pregnancy test generates a lot of anxiety, whatever the result you expect to know. No more staring at the test waiting for the lines to appear, now your smartphone or tablet will tell you.

First Response is the first digital pregnancy test, which comes with bluetooth technology and an app available for iOS and Android that tells you if you are pregnant or not.

A few months ago we announced that you could soon take a pregnancy test with your mobile , but it has arrived sooner than we thought and more perfected.

The test itself is like any pregnancy test. A test strip inside a plastic pen-shaped container with a digital display. The urine sample is collected there, but before doing so you must connect your test to a free application available for iOS and Android.

bluetooth pregnancy test

The app can perform different functions. If you are trying to get pregnant, it helps you keep track of your cycles and recognize your fertile days, as well as giving you more information about fertility and care.

As for the pregnancy test, once the sample has been synchronized and collected, it helps you cope with waiting for the result during those three endless minutes. You have the option to watch videos, listen to relaxing music, do relaxation exercises or consult information about pregnancy.

Once the time has elapsed, you get the result on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. If it is positive, it tells you the probable date of delivery and helps you monitor your pregnancy. If negative, it gives you advice on how to do this if the woman is looking for a baby.

It ensures that it can detect the pregnancy hormone from six days before the lack and with a reliability greater than 99 percent from the day your period should come.

The test will be available in the spring in the United States. Its price will be between 15 and 22 dollars (between 13 and 20 euros), when a normal test costs approximately 10 dollars.

Avoid the typical doubts, of have I done it right? Have I let the necessary time pass? Will the result be reliable? If it is well timed it is practically impossible to misinterpret the result. But about removing the anxiety of the moment, I don’t know. Sometimes too much technology can mess us up even more, getting on our nerves. What do you think, would you use a bluetooth pregnancy test, or do you prefer the traditional one?

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