The first love, why is it never forgotten?

Falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to you in life. And if it is done for the first time then the feelings are even stronger. It is not known if it is due to inexperience or not having had more loves before but we tend to idealize the first love.

It is clear that it is never forgotten and that you have unforgettable sensations that last over time. We give you some of the reasons why this first memory is still so alive.

Why is the first love not forgotten?

It is the first one

It is a basic reason but everything first is remembered forever: the first kiss, the first exam, the first friends and they leave a great mark that accompanies us throughout life. In this case, even if it was a disastrous love, it was sure at first a fantastic experience, the first.

New experiences

With first love we have had all kinds of new experiences. They have been special because many times they have been the first for both. With fear of being wrong but with a world to explore, we have felt special and unique.

It never ended

Let’s see, the relationship ended, it is clear, but perhaps, due to the inexperience of both, nobody took the first step in breaking up and was left there in limbo. So it is remembered in a more special way because it still has to be finished as if it were a pending thing.

Illusions and emotions

We all remember our first love for the illusion it made us. At every moment we were filled with emotion and feelings are those that last and are remembered. Hence do not forget.

The downside of not forgetting

Even if we remember it better or worse, there are people who have been stuck in the first relationship and find it difficult to move forward. The reasons are because they constantly compare relationships with first love, think they will find nothing like it, become very perfectionists, expect the first person to come back again, and fail in their various relationships.

If the relationship was good, but was broken for various reasons, such as youth.

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