The position of the woman During Childbirth

Recommended postures for natural childbirth

The position or way of giving birth to your baby is one of the decisions that you will have to make during pregnancy, but you must always take into account the possible limitations that may arise.

Although it can be said that, today, the most accepted position both by professionals and by women themselves is the classic modified gynecological position, with the woman lying on her back and legs raised apart.

Difficulties in choosing the position of delivery

It is important that during pregnancy and especially when the moment of delivery approaches, you think about and advise yourself with your midwife about the different positions that can be adopted during the dilation process and later for childbirth. Your referring midwife can suggest different positions that are accepted or can be carried out in your hospital.

  • The policy of the Obstetrics service of your hospital and the means they have. We cannot have the idea of a water birth and that there is no swimming pool in the delivery room, for example. More and more hospitals have different means of delivery, such as dilation balls, delivery chairs and multi-position beds.
  • The process of labor and delivery does not proceed in the most favorable way. In this case, it will be the professionals who decide what is most convenient.
  • The use of the epidural. In most women, it limits the positions of childbirth to the bed, since the fear of suffering a minimum pain causes the doses of analgesia to be higher and therefore limits mobility.

Always carry clear ideas about what we would like to do in our delivery, but being willing to receive the recommendations of the professionals who are attending us.

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