To what extent can the laptop cause male infertility?

Today there is still much ignorance as to what factors affect fertility. For example, when a man performs semen analysis and it is altered, most of the time we will not know the cause.

Like food, lifestyle habits such as exercising and not consuming toxins are very important for reproduction. We know that environmental factors can also affect, although we are still not sure how they affect all of them.

A sustained increase in temperature in the area of ​​the external genitalia of men can be one of the causes of poor semen quality. In this sense, laptops can affect when used on the lap. There are urology studies that describe that spending more than 10-15 minutes with the computer on the lap, the scrotal temperature increases considerably and this can cause problems in sperm production. In this way, it is recommended to use the computers on the table so that this increase in temperature does not occur, which can be so harmful.

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