Week 11 of pregnancy: your baby is about five centimeters

We continue our journey through pregnancy week by week and we arrive today at week 11 of pregnancy , a wonderful moment in which we will use the term fetus to refer to the child we are expecting.

The embryo at 11 weeks of pregnancy

At 11 weeks pregnant the baby weighs approximately 8 grams and will weigh between 4 and 6 centimeters. We will be able to see big changes from now on .

His fingers are already separated, the membranes that joined them have disappeared. Although his head is still half of his body it is completely normal at the moment. The ears are migrating to their final position and the little one can now open and close his hands.

The skin is very thin, so much so that if we could peek inside our belly we could see through it. We would see their blood vessels, cartilage and organs in formation. Little by little the skin acquires more layers and will no longer be transparent.

The growth is very fast and the baby will double its weight in the next three weeks. Although we cannot feel it yet, the baby moves, he is a true acrobat who does not stop swimming, kicking and moving his whole body, including his head as his neck is lengthening.

Also, in the 11th week of pregnancy , the diaphragm develops and you may start to hiccup, something perfectly normal and considered to be a preparation for breathing outside the mother’s body.

The mother in the 11th week of pregnancy

In some women, especially if they are short, thin, if they have a multiple pregnancy or if they have already been mothers before, a small belly begins to be noticed, a consequence of the increase in the size of the uterus. Others, more plump or tall, may take a little longer.

What is common is that, as hormonal levels stabilize, the first discomforts that may cause us to have a bad time the first weeks in the form of nausea or dizziness cease .

However, there may begin to be some gastric discomfort that until now were minor: heartburn, gas and constipation . The best thing to combat them is a healthy diet, with enough whole foods and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and doing moderate exercise. Sleeping a little up and eating something soft helps to moderate heartburn, which can be very annoying. In the last case, it is advisable to consult a doctor if it is especially painful.

It can also happen, especially in women who are prone to migraines , that these increase: fatigue, nerves, caffeine withdrawal and especially hormones could be the cause.

Many moms now start looking for information to prepare for childbirth and parenting more intensively. It’s a great idea to go to trusted internet sites or nearby parenting or breastfeeding groups. The fact of being accompanied by concerns and doubts supposes a great improvement in the emotional experience of pregnancy.

And it is normal that there are some emotional changes , the mother feeling especially sensitive and having the need to relieve tension with a few tears.

The weight gain will not have been very large in this first trimester, but the blood volume has increased, so it is common for hair and skin to appear bright and healthy.

After our visit to the 11th week of pregnancy we continue our review and in a few days we will talk about what we can expect from now on.

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