Week 12 of pregnancy: the 12 week ultrasound

In our week-by-week review of pregnancy we reach the end of the first trimester, week 12 of gestation , a key moment for many reasons and that marks great changes in our experience.

Week 12, ideal for the first ultrasound

In the 12th week of pregnancy should be scheduled, ideally, the first ultrasound , although an earlier may have been done to confirm pregnancy.

The reasons for choosing the 12th week of pregnancy for this crucial ultrasound are varied. First, now the fetus is large enough to appreciate its development enough and to be able to detect possible abnormalities.

This ultrasound could be used, in some cases, to know the sex of the baby (although it is not always visible or 100% reliable), but its fundamental function is diagnostic.

It will be possible to determine the number of fetuses in the pregnancy, know the position in the uterus, listen to the heartbeat and measure the fetus to determine if its growth corresponds to the calculated gestational age. Most malformations can also be detected.

The nuchal fold measurement is performed . The nuchal translucency technique is considered a marker for trisomy 21 or Down syndrome.

Changes in the mother in week 12 of pregnancy

Many women are now, in the 12th week of pregnancy and once the ultrasound is done, when they will decide to break the news outside the closest circle. The weeks have gone by when the possibility of spontaneous pregnancy loss decreases considerably and, furthermore, the tummy will appear very soon.

It should also be noted that from now on, most of them stop feeling bothersome symptoms and, until the end of pregnancy, they will feel quite good as long as they take care of themselves with healthy lifestyle habits and do not force themselves excessively.

Walking, resting, drinking water, eating healthy and eating several times a day and wearing shoes and clothes that do not strain the legs will continue to be important for the rest of the pregnancy. You have to keep taking care of yourself .

The baby at week 12 of pregnancy

Our baby, at week 12 of pregnancy , is already the size of a kiwi (I mean the fruit, of course). It will measure 6 centimeters and weigh about 14 grams, we could make a cradle for it in the palm of your hand.

He does not stop moving, kicking and shaking his arms and head, already formed perfectly, even it seems as if he is pushing himself when he touches the walls of the uterus with his feet.

He is able to suck his finger, open his mouth, yawning and swallowing amniotic fluid, it seems that he amuses himself with this aquatic life. Even his little kidneys are already working and he can urinate. It is growing so fast .

The first pregnancy ultrasound: that emotional moment when you can see your baby

Its head has a rounded shape and small bumps begin to form inside the mouth where its milk teeth will be formed. In addition, neural connections are developing at full speed, putting your brain into operation. Very soon we will tell you how your nervous system begins to show signs of being able to feel many things.

Finally, we mention something that without a doubt or if it will impact on the first ultrasound : your heart, which will be working at full power beating 167 times per minute. It impresses you for sure and quite possibly you will be excited to hear it for the first time.

With this we finish our review of the 12th week of pregnancy and in the next few days we invite you to follow us in the second trimester week by week observing the changes in the mother and the baby.

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