Week 14 of pregnancy: your baby is already making gestures

We resume our review of pregnancy week by week and today we reach week 14 of pregnancy , already fully integrated into the second trimester and with all the changes that will happen then.

The mother in the 14th week of pregnancy

The 14 weeks of pregnancy will already be much more bearable if you have had symptoms such as dizziness and nausea before . In addition, the fact that the belly begins to be evident will be a reason for pride and joy, as it protrudes slightly without being heavy.

The breasts are considerably larger and quite tender. If you have not done it before, it may be the right time to buy a pregnancy bra, taking care that it does not have underwires and that it is made of a natural and breathable fabric. Some women reject that, in sexual intercourse, their partner touches their breasts, as it can bother them, being something completely normal.

New annoying symptoms can appear that with a healthy life, rest, walks and good nutrition can be controlled.

The body is changing, making room for the growing uterus. It is normal to have back pain, swelling of the legs due to fluid retention and some gastric discomfort, especially hemorrhoids or constipation .

Go for a walk, eat vegetables and fruit combined with good quality proteins, avoid spicy and exciting or carbonated drinks and above all, do not hesitate to give yourself a rest and lift your legs when you need it, which will be especially necessary if it is very hot or your job is tiring.

To limit back pain, it is advisable to wear flat shoes and make sure that we have the mattress to sleep in good condition. Some moms need an extra pillow, be it to sleep on their side by putting it between their legs, or to sleep a little while sitting down and relieve gastric reflux.

However, low back pain or sciatica can be worrisome and before taking medication it is advisable to go to the doctor for advice, especially if the pain is strong and symptoms such as urination problems or fever appear.

As the gut grows the skin will have to stretch. In some cases it will sting, and nothing better than keeping it well hydrated using suitable oils or specific creams without contraindications. In addition, our baby will surely feel that pleasant and relaxing moment of the massage as well.

Without becoming obsessed, it is convenient to verify that the weight gain you have is adequate, calculating approximately one kilo per month.

You do exercise during pregnancy is convenient, always within what is rational and according to what we did before. We must avoid exercises that involve excessive weight lifting and overloading the abdominal muscles. It is best to walk, swim, bike or do prenatal yoga, which will help us stay flexible, maintain good physical shape and feel well-being.

The baby at 14 weeks pregnant

The fetus grows rapidly. At 14 weeks pregnant, it will weigh about 30 grams and will measure approximately 10 centimeters. It looks like a miniature baby.

The yolk sac has already disappeared and its food comes from the placenta , an organ that grows with it and from which it will receive food and oxygen until after birth, when the cord stops beating and sends what is necessary to adapt to the world.

At week 14 of pregnancy, the head is still disproportionate to the body, although the baby is already perfectly recognizable as a small human. His facial features are becoming more and more evident and we could even see how he makes gestures with the muscles of his face, sucks his finger and his little hand.

She drinks amniotic fluid and pees inside her belly, flaps her arms and legs, and seems to be happy in her intrauterine life.

We finish our visit at week 14 of pregnancy and will soon continue with our review of pregnancy week by week .

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