Week 2 of Pregnancy

The embryo begins to develop!

Growth And Development In Week 2 Of Pregnancy

We explain how your body evolves after 2 weeks of pregnancy and how your baby grows. We help you to clear all your doubts.
In this second week of pregnancy is when ovulation occurs, that is, when the follicle breaks to release a mature egg ready to be fertilized in the fallopian tube.

In regular periods of 28 days, it is the moment with a higher fertility index, so if we are looking for pregnancy it is the ideal time to intensify our sexual relations.

Once the ovum is expelled, it passes through the surface of the ovary and heads towards the fallopian tube, which seems to contract and relax to drag that ovum through the tube, marking the beginning of its journey to the uterus, where it will finally implant the fetus.

Along with the mature egg, some fluids are released from the ovarian follicle, as well as hormones such as progesterone, which in turn stimulates the thickening of the uterine membrane.

The Baby on Ultrasound: Week 2

The path to fertilization continues. We offer you the image of a two-week ultrasound, to give you an idea of ​​what the gestational sac could be observed, in this case.

How Your Body Changes In Week 2 Of Pregnancy

At 2 weeks of pregnancy, it is expected that it will finally be a single mature egg that begins the journey to the fallopian tubes and, later, if fertilized, to the uterus, you should know that both ovaries contribute to the growth of follicles.

It should also be noted that some women release more than one egg a few months, so if they fertilize two, it would mean that, if everything goes well, in 39 weeks you would give birth to twins.

Disorders that can affect you

25% of women claim to notice pelvic pain during ovulation due to irritation of the fluid or blood secreted by the rupture of the follicle that releases the egg.

The vagina may also be more lubricated due to increased cervical mucus, which also becomes more transparent, slimy, and elastic.

Other signs that help corroborate that we are in the second week of pregnancy and about to ovulate is the basal body temperature – the one we have just got up – that increases a little.

Between the 12th and 14th days of the cycle, it is when the highest chances of pregnancy exist.

It is a short period of time where estrogen levels rise to their peak and where women also generate the male hormone testosterone, which is also responsible for libido, so it is likely that women will also we are more predisposed to have sex.

Tips And Wellness In Week 2 Of Pregnancy

At 2 weeks of pregnancy, it is very important – since it is when ovulation occurs – that you maintain those healthy eating and living habits that you must maintain throughout the period of pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.

In addition, you should continue taking supplements such as folic acid and foods rich in iodine and vitamin B.

What exams do you have?

During preconception checkups, as well as early in pregnancy, your gynaecologist or midwife will most likely measure the mother’s body mass index (BMI) or, which is the same thing, an estimate of body fat based on the height and weight.

A BMI below 19 is considered underweight, 19-24 is considered normal, 25-29 is considered overweight, and 30-39 is obese.

Obviously, having a healthy weight is key throughout life, but it is even more so if you plan to have a baby since it can be born prematurely or have low growth if the mother is underweight or at greater risk of pre-eclampsia. –Hypertension during pregnancy-, gestational diabetes or being larger than recommended if the mother is overweight.

Important information for you

Although the future mother may continue to lead a more or less normal life during pregnancy, it is true that some hobbies, such as travelling, must adapt to her state.

The first thing to note is that, during the first trimester, there is an increased risk of miscarriage and developmental problems in the baby, with special emphasis on avoiding extreme temperatures and frenetic activities, as well as leaving for another At the moment those trips to countries where insect diseases or infections are a high-risk factor.

In this period, flying is safe, as long as there are no complications in the pregnancy, although it is true that the discomfort of the trip can increase morning sickness.

Sperm can survive inside a woman’s body for up to five days. While a woman is having her period, 15-20 follicles develop in the ovaries.

If you already have two children of the same sex, there is a 75% chance of conceiving another child of the same sex again.

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