Week 20 of pregnancy: a key week that marks the middle of gestation

Continuing with our progress in Pregnancy week by week we reach a key week: the 20th week of pregnancy. It is a very important week because it marks exactly the middle of your pregnancy, the equator of your baby’s gestation.

Your tummy is already noticeable, you can feel the movements of the baby inside you and you begin to go through the fifth month, called the sweetest stage of pregnancy. The discomfort is behind you and you feel full of energy.

Changes in the baby in the 20th week of pregnancy

In week 20 of pregnancy (18 from fertilization) the baby measures 16 centimeters and about 350 grams.

His lungs begin to practice breathing and his digestive system does the same by swallowing amniotic fluid. Your brain rapidly develops areas for the senses, and already has 30 billion neurons.

Fat begins to accumulate under your skin, which will help you self-regulate your body temperature, while the surface of your skin is covered with hair, which will fall off after birth.

Until now, the size of the baby was measured from head to rump as the legs were very close to its body, but from now on, measurements are made from the crown to the feet. Thus, at 20 weeks the baby measures between 22 and 25 centimeters.

It already has all its organs formed, but still immature, and the proportion between its members, head and body is similar to what it will have at birth.

It only remains for him to continue enjoying the most pleasant and safe place there can be, the mother’s womb, and to continue growing . From now on, during the second half of pregnancy the baby will gain 10 times its weight and double in size.

Changes in the mother in the 20th week of pregnancy

It is also an important week for the mother. The fears and discomforts typical of the first half of pregnancy have been left behind, and now she feels full of energy and the desire to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Don’t be surprised if you turn the house upside down. That is called nest syndrome or nest instinct and it is totally normal for it to happen to you. It is an instinctive need to put everything in order before the birth of your baby.

Surely, you will be anxious before the ultrasound of week 20 that will be carried out this week. If you still don’t know the sex of your baby, the ultrasound will almost certainly confirm it.

Ultrasound of the 20th week of pregnancy

Around the 20th week of pregnancy, a high-resolution ultrasound called morphological ultrasound is performed , which is of great importance in prenatal control. The doctor who specializes in performing it thoroughly analyzes the baby’s organs to detect possible malformations, although not with 100% reliability.

Measurements are made of the main bones such as the skull, femur, as well as the abdominal circumference, they check the functioning of the heart, the morphology of the brain and the activity of the baby inside the uterus.

The amniotic fluid , the functioning of the placenta and the umbilical cord are also checked .

As we said before, as long as the baby’s position allows it, their sexual organs are already formed to distinguish whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

You are living in a precious moment, so enjoy the 20th week of pregnancy . You have the same time that you have traveled until today to finally hold your baby.

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