Week 22 of pregnancy: communicate with your baby

We continue with our Week-by-Week Pregnancy Review to stop atweek 22 of pregnancy.

By now you will almost certainly know if you are expecting a boy or a girl, so it is a good time to start thinking about the baby’s name.It is your fifth month of pregnancy, an ideal stage to fully enjoy the movements of your baby in the gut and communicate with him through caresses, voice and music.

Changes in the baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy

Inweek 22 of pregnancy(20 weeks from conception) your babymeasures 27 centimeters and weighs almost 500 grams.

You can see their eyelids, nails and eyebrows, although the latter still have no color, they are white fuzz that can be seen above the eyes.

Looking at him, he pretty much looks like a full-term baby, but he still needs to gain weight.Your body fat represents 1% of your body, but from now on you will gain layers of fat, which will help you regulate your body temperature.

You also need tocomplete the development of vital organs suchas the heart, brain, and lungs.In this week, your brain experiences great progress in the limbic system, the mid brain, which manages physiological responses to stimuli it receives from the outside.You begin to feel emotions and even to undergo mood swings.

It is therefore very important that you begin toestablish contact with your baby, if you have not already done so.The baby can feel your touch, your voice and the way you communicate with him generating an emotional response.

Although you cannot see or touch it directly, it is thefirst form of communication between you and your baby.And of course, also with his father.

Changes in the mother at week 22 of pregnancy

If you have not started yet, it is time to start taking care of your skin to prevent, as far as possible,stretch marks in pregnancy caused by skin distention.It is essential to always keep the skin well hydrated by applying a moisturizer twice a day, in the morning and at night.

The skin also undergoes other changes during pregnancy.Dark spots may appear on the face, known aschloasmaorpregnancy mask.To do this, always try toapply a cream with a high protection factor, since when in contact with the sun, the effect of hormones causes the activation of melanin, responsible for hyper pigmentation of the skin.

Perhaps also due to the effect of hormones, you notice your skin is more oily andprone to acne.To prevent it, wash your face with mild products, keep it clean with a daily cleansing and exfoliation once a week.If possible avoid makeup or if it is not possible, remove make-up well before going to sleep.

If you already suffer from swelling of the feet and legs, lie down with your legs raised slightly and apply cooling gels.They help a lot to improve circulation.

To sleep, always try to lie on the left side and place a pillow between your legs to rest.

These are, broadly speaking, the changes experienced by the mother and the baby in the22nd week of pregnancy.In the following posts we will continue our journey through Pregnancy Week by Week.

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