Week 7 of pregnancy: the first symptoms are noticed

We continue our journey through Pregnancy week by week, advancing one more week after having seen everything that happens in week 6 of pregnancy. We are immersed in the second month, and we are going to discuss the characteristics of this7th week of pregnancy.

After the pregnancy tests and the possible first ultrasound, we have confirmed the pregnancy, although our body does not seem to have gotten used to it, the symptoms are accentuated and we are already getting to the idea that a new being is developing within us.

Immersed in the second month of pregnancy

If we have not yet madethe visit to the gynecologist, we will probably do it in this or the next few weeks. In the first visit, the doctor will order a blood test, a urinalysis and a vaginal smear, in addition to taking the blood pressure from the future mother, in order to prepare the pregnant woman’s report and control any possible risk.

The confirmation of the pregnancy, the elaboration of the complete history of the woman, the physical examination and the collection of analyzes are the key points of this first visit to the gynecologist. Let’s not forget to bring our doubts ready and a notebook where we can write down all the recommendations, although they are usually printed in the consultation.

Although we are still in thekey weeks for embryo growth, when the risk of miscarriage is higher, many couples have already decided to make the good news public.

Although each woman will feel different symptoms, it is likely that during this month you will have nausea (with or without vomiting), aversion or cravings for certain foods, heartburn, bloating in the belly, need to urinate frequently, tiredness and drowsiness and changes in the breasts(more evident in subsequent weeks).

The doubts prior to the confirmation of pregnancy give way tovery different states of mind: some women will feel fear and worry, others great joy and encouragement … And it is most likely that the same woman will experience all these feelings depending on the day and the moment.

But what is happening inside us?

The embryo at 7 weeks of pregnancy

The embryo at 7 weeks of pregnancy has an age of five weekssince fertilization occurred. We remember that this is so because when counting the weeks of pregnancy, it begins from the date of the last menstruation (40 weeks) but the fertilization of the ovum occurs two weeks later (then we speak of gestation of 38 weeks).

Five weeks after conception, the wall of the uterus has softened to allow the embryo to implant strongly. Another internal change is the enlargement of the cervical mucosa or mucous plug, which ensures that the cervix remains closed and isolated from the outside world throughout the pregnancy.

We are in theperiod of organogenesis, because the body’s organs are being formed from the different layers of the embryo. The exposure of the embryo to teratogens (agents that can induce or increase the possibility of congenital malformations) during these weeks (4 to 8), constitutes the most critical period of its development.

In this embryo, whichis about a centimeter long and weighs less than a gram, the buds or buds of the arms, the hand plate and the shovel-shaped lower extremity are visible. The brain is transformed into five areas and some cranial nerves are visible.

The heart continues to develop and now beats at a regular rate. The lungs also continue to develop.

Tissue is also formed that has to become the vertebrae and some other bones. Blood travels through the major vessels. In addition, the embryonic digestive tract is formed with a hole corresponding to the mouth and the lower part of the intestine already present.

Thedevelopment of the structures of the eye and earbegins. In what is becoming more and more like a face, it is possible to glimpse a slight pigmentation in the iris of the eyes and two tiny windows corresponding to the future nose.

Little by little, the embryo grows, each time we can differentiate its parts more and in a few more weeks we will speak of “fetus”. Its development continues unstoppable in the second month of pregnancy andthe advances in the growth of the embryo are spectacular.In a few days we continue to discover everything about Pregnancy week by week.

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