What are the advantages of Time-Lapse incubators?

The time-lapse incubators have an image capture technology that allows to generate a film of the entire development of the embryos, so that we can analyze the embryo kinetics.

This allows us to observe the embryonic division without removing the embryos from the incubator at any time, so we will not subject them to the temperature changes that occur when carrying out this process. This improvement in culture conditions encourages more embryos to reach the blastocyst stage.

Time-lapse technology enables us to improve embryo selection, since we will not only base ourselves on punctual observation on days 1, 2, 3 and 5 of development, but we will have information on everything that has happened during development of the embryo, the times and the way in which these processes have taken place. This makes it easier for us to choose the embryo that is going to be transferred to the uterus.

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