What are the main indications for IVF treatment with donor sperm?

IVF treatment with donor sperm is usually indicated for women between the ages of 18 and 43, unmarried, female partners, or women whose partner has azoospermia, poor sperm quality, or genetic abnormalities.

For women who do not present alterations in fertility (low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, blocked tubes, early ovarian failure …), we can assess the option of artificial insemination with donor semen before performing IVF, although In Vitro Fertilization always gives better results. IVF is indicated in these cases when after 3-4 artificial inseminations no pregnancy has been achieved.

Before undergoing assisted reproduction treatment, even if the woman does not have infertility, it is important to study the case of each patient or couple. With a basic fertility study, we can guide the patient or couple to the most appropriate treatment.

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