What factors influence the price of IVF?

The vast majority of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments performed in Spain is carried out in private centres. Public health has a little capacity (at the level of financial resources allocated) and generates long waiting lists.

On the other hand, the field of assisted reproduction is changing very quickly and that requires continuous changes and continuous investment in technology and technological advances.

Therefore, it must be taken into account that there are many factors that will influence and that will ultimately determine the price that an IVF treatment may have. Among the numerous factors we can highlight the following:

  • Investment in IVF laboratories It is the most important cost to highlight. Technology, machinery, growing media, etc. They require a large investment in order to achieve the best success rates with better quality control.
  • Medical knowledge and incorporation of all medical updates 2 this means staying up to date with the latest discoveries, protocols, treatments, developments or innovations.
  • Personnel involved in an IVF cycle In an IVF cycle there are many personnel who participate in the treatment of the patient and who take care of and watch over every detail throughout the entire process: doctors, nurses, psychologists, biologists, laboratory technicians, administrative workers, etc.
  • Possible diagnostic tests This would increase the price, especially if patients do not have any private health insurance where they can do it.
  • Medication needed for IVF it is also a significant cost. The amount of medication used can vary depending on whether higher or lower doses are needed, and therefore its cost will also vary.
  • Other factors The need to resort to a gamete bank, to perform a testicular biopsy, to carry out seminal lavages in patients with infectious diseases or genetic study of embryos in cases of advanced age.

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