What is a dad? A nice congratulations

A father is many thingsand can constitute roles and definitions as different as there are parents.Also in each mother the father will mean different feelings and will have his own perception of what a father is, what he would like to be or what a father should be.

Even at each stage a father will vary in his essence and in his consideration by the rest and himself.I liked these words that try to describe what a father is, because they talk about many things: games, reason, emotion, courage … And above all, it says that “A father has a lot of mother “.

Perhaps some readers are reflected in this definition of “dad” that some readers see themselves reflected, even the mothers who read us see that dad in their partners and wish to send it to them as acybernetic greeting for Father’s Day.Then a dad is this, and much more:

A dad, what is called a dad, is a superman, because he can promptly answer a question on Biology, followed by a question on Mathematics.He isa super herowho disguises himself as Superman and wakes up waiting for his children to return from the party.

A father is a strange combination of reason and feelings, he is the one who knows how to say no when it is fair and knows how to say yes when it is appropriate.A dad stomps his feet when he does his duty and walks on tiptoe at night sheltering cold little bodies.He is the only one in the house who chases a mouse until he catches it, even if he dies of fear inside.A father is a fig that seems hard on the outside and is pure sweet on the inside, he is a conductor, he is the builder of a nest, he isthe teacher of the school of life.Dads have wallets full of photos, cards, phones, appointments, commitments, less money.A dadhas a lot of momeven though he has the body of a man.If it is necessary to change diapers, he changes them, when the son cries, he is the refuge, when the son laughs, he is the company.Being a dad is playing the role of king in life, not of a kingdom;butof love, understanding and reason.

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