What is the best option to achieve pregnancy if the couple’s diagnosis is teratozoospermia and PCOS?

Teratozoospermia is diagnosed when in a semen study we see less than 4% of the sperm in a normal way. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is an entity related to an excess in the production of hormones derived from androgens, such as testosterone. These women frequently suffer from infertility as a consequence of a problem in ovulation, either due to not ovulating (anovulation) or due to dysfunction.

Initially, it is recommended to carry out a vitamin treatment in the woman with PCOS that includes folic acid and inositol. In addition, to date, in men, we do not have any treatment that has proven to be a guarantee for the improvement of sperm morphology, but it is recommended to take a supplement of turmeric with piperine.

In general, if the teratozoospermia is severe, it is recommended to perform an in vitro technique such as the microinjection of sperm into the ovum (ICSI). If the teratozoospermia is mild, we can propose to the couple the possibility of initially performing a simpler technique such as artificial insemination, always reporting the results of each of the techniques and the chances of pregnancy.

Regarding PCOS, the main and most recognized problem is an alteration of the ovulatory cycle. With ovarian stimulation, we can control the ovulatory cycle and provoke ovulation to carry out the insemination treatment when we know that the ovum may be available, so from the outset the indication could be to carry out inseminations.

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