What options do female partners have to achieve a pregnancy?

The presence of two women in the practice gives us reproductive medicine specialists more opportunities to help get a baby. All the techniques have a common section which is the selection of the donor.

The sperm donor is selected according to law 14/2006, trying to find a similarity with the physical characteristics of the recipient woman. Race, skin colour, hair colour and texture, eye colour, weight, and height are usually taken into account. Recently, although this is optional and not all clinics perform it, a sperm donor can be sought based on the genetic characteristics of the woman who provides the egg. The woman of the couple who contributes their eggs can undergo a genetic test prior to the donor award to try to match the donor and thus avoid the appearance of a genetic disease in the future baby. Once the semen donor has been selected, the following techniques can be done.

  • Donor artificial insemination (IAD) You can follow the patient in her natural cycle or use medication to stimulate ovulation and at this specific moment, the donated sperm are introduced into the uterus. This technique is usually more recommended in women ages under 38 years.
  • IVF with donor semen The recipient woman undergoes ovarian stimulation to obtain several eggs. The eggs are extracted through a vaginal puncture in the operating room and to avoid pain, small sedation is performed. The ovules obtained in the puncture are fertilized in the laboratory with the donor’s semen and an embryo develops until the blastocyst stage (5 days of culture). Subsequently, an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the recipient woman.
  • ROPA method It is a way of shared motherhood. One of the two women provides the eggs and the other is the pregnant mother, that is, she carries the pregnancy to term. In order to obtain the eggs and fertilize them, IVF is done with donor semen and the embryos that have reached the blastocyst stage are transferred to the pregnant woman.

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