What therapeutic options are there for male infertility?

Most of the infertility problems in men have a solution. Vitamin supplements help to improve seminal quality, promoting natural pregnancy. Some of these supplements are melatonin, coenzyme Q10, zinc, selenium, L-carnitine, DHA and vitamin C.

In addition, diet also influences sperm quality. It is advisable to avoid acidifying foods, because they accumulate many free radicals and promote toxicity in the sperm, damaging their metabolism and DNA. Some of the foods to avoid: red meat, coffee, seafood, cow’s milk and derivatives, cheeses, industrial fruit juices, etc.

On the other hand, if the man lives in an area of ​​high pollution, it may not be easily solved, but if he suffers from stress, yes. Reducing stress, taking probiotics to maintain the intestinal microbiome and working with deep breathing techniques is the best antioxidant method for semen.

In more complex and / or severe cases, in vitro fertilization treatment may be necessary to get the sperm to penetrate the egg. Today we have an advanced selection of sperm based on the detection of chromosomal alterations in apparently normal sperm. It is the technique of Annexin Columns or MACS. This complementary technique greatly improves the pregnancy rate in those cases in which we know that the proportion of chromosomal abnormalities in apparently normal sperm is high, increasing the proportion of healthy embryos.

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