What To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation?

We all know how difficult it is to start a conversation with a girl you like. You want to get to know more about her. At the same time, you neither want to seem too desperate nor too breezy as she will start losing interest in you.

When you text a girl you like, you begin with the usual small talk, discussing each other’s likes and dislikes to find out what you both have in common. But what happens when the small talk ends? You run out of good conversation topics for texting a girl and don’t know what to do next.

Fret not, for we’re here to tell you exactly how and what to text a girl to start a conversation and keep it going. Prepare to say goodbye to your days of being left on read.

How To Start Conversation With A Girl On Text?

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Before we get down to specific messages to start a conversation with a girl, you need to be aware of some ground rules that set the texting pros apart from the novices. It’s one thing to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp or Instagram or Snapchat, and quite another to hold her interest and keep the back-and-forth of text notifications going.

If you want to woo a girl online before you take things forward with her IRL, this back and forth is the key. It indicates that she is interested in what you have to say and wants to keep talking to you. That will only happen if you’re saying the right things at the right time. To get there and turn around your texting game, pay attention to these pro tips on how to start a conversation with a girl online:

1. Think about who she is

The nature, tone and timing of your text messages should depend on who she is to you. Are you trying to start a conversation with a girl who likes you? Is she a coworker you have a crush on? A friend you have developed feelings for? Or a complete stranger whose DMs you’re sliding into? Your equation with her – or lack thereof – determines the appropriate messages to start a conversation with a girl.

2. Don’t lead with just ‘hi’

Whether you want to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know or a crush you have known a long time, a plain ‘hi’ won’t get you far. If she doesn’t know you, you’ll most probably be consigned to the seen-zone. Even if she’s a friend or an acquaintance, the conversation won’t get too far if the opening is so banal.

3. Ask open-ended questions

The idea is to draw her into the conversation, and open-ended questions are your best ally in achieving that goal. After you start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp or Facebook or any other social platform, the key to keeping it going is making it about her. Not only will this make her see that you’re invested in getting to know her better but also draw her out to talk to you more proactively.

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4. Keep your messages brief

Whether you want to start a conversation with a girl who likes you already or someone you’re trying to woo, don’t go into overdrive. No one wants to read a mini-essay on text, no matter how skillfully you word it or how earnestly you put forth your feelings. The best messages to start a conversation with a girl are the ones that are succinct, to-the-point and leave her wanting more.

5. Don’t inundate her with messages

How to start a conversation with a girl online? The answer to that question also lies in how not to text a girl. If she hasn’t responded to your previous message, hold your horses. Don’t inundate her with messages. It’s desperate and no one likes to deal with that.

6. Learn to take a hint

When you start a conversation with a girl you don’t know or are trying to impress so you can swoop in and make your move at the right time, it’s important to know when to back off. If the conversation is starting to feel forced and dragged out, say goodbye on some pretext. Then, wait a couple of days AT LEAST before you touch base again. It keeps the curiosity alive and will make her look forward to talking to you when you text next.

22 Things To Text A Girl To Start A Conversation

When you like a girl a lot, you want you to make her laugh, and want her to remember you even when you both are not texting. You want the conversation to be memorable and want to stand out from the others. To be able to do that, you need to know what to text a girl to start a conversation.

Don’t worry, we know just the right things to text a girl to start a conversation so that the next time you ask yourself, “How do I keep a girl interested while texting?”, you know exactly what to do. Use these 22 messages to start a conversation with a girl to your advantage:

1. Hey, busy bee!

If you are wondering what to text a girl to start a conversation, the simplest thing would be to drop a message that just reminds her of you, with an emoji or two. Sometimes she needs to be reminded that you exist and are waiting for her reply.

Such a message will remind her that you are waiting for her reply and will make her focus on you more. She will feel good that you’ve been thinking about her. This is a great way to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram if you’ve been talking but haven’t had the chance to touch base lately.

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Shawn says this is his go-to opening text to a girl when he can’t think of anything better. And he claims it always elicits a response. So, you can use this confidently, knowing that it’s a tried-and-tested trick.

2. How was your day?

In the evening, when things get dull, you can brighten up her mood by asking her how her day was. It is a good conversation starter and she will feel that you care for her. You can also tell her about your day and the different things you do to relax on a hectic day.

This is a bankable message to start texting a girl when you’re looking to have an extended conversation with her. As you trade details of your respective days, you can throw in some interesting questions in the mix to keep her engaged and interested.

You can count on this to work every single time, except when you are trying to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know. In that case, this one will just land wrong and you’re going to get yourself added to the list of creeps trying to slide into her DMs.

3. Hey, stop thinking about me!

If you are looking for a flirty text to start a conversation with a girl, go for this one. This is a good way to start a conversation by bringing a bit of humor into it. It will make her smile and she will see you as a guy who knows how to make people laugh.

She will also start talking to you more often. Such a line is something that she will surely reply to and you can continue the conversation from there. Adira, a college student, confesses that this line actually worked like a charm on her.

This guy she was interested in had sent her this text when they were still testing the waters. “The message caught me off guard for I was actually thinking about him when he texted me this. Things just took off from there. We’ve been dating for 6 months now.” Clearly, this is one of the text a girl to start a conversation examples that works like a charm. Even more so, if you time it right.

4. This video cracked me up. I think you should watch it

Videotext a girl to start a conversation but do ensure it is pure fun, not offensive in any way. When the conversation dies or is about to die, you can share a meme or a funny video to refresh things.

This will prevent the conversation from getting dull and you’ll be able to talk about something again. It can be a great way to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp or any other messaging app. However, steer clear of sexist jokes, explicit content or images.

It can not only douse any chances you have to take things forward with her but can also land you in a lot of trouble. We recommend you use this to start a conversation with a girl who likes you.

5. Ignoring me already?

Many times we meet someone, start talking to them but then start to lose contact with them because we get so busy with our hectic schedules. This might happen to you and this is one of the things to text when the conversation dies.

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If she wasn’t doing it on purpose, she will apologize for ignoring you and you both can pick up things from where you left off. This can be a great follow-up after the first conversation with a girl on chat, especially if there has been radio silence ever since.

This can also be a great way to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know and whose DMs you’ve been trying to slide into in the hope of hitting it off. If your attempts haven’t yielded results yet, give this a try and it might just turn things around for you.

6. What’s your idea of a Friday night?

Fridays are the beginning of the weekend and what you do on a Friday night tells a lot about your personality. If she is a party person then it means that she is an extrovert and a social animal and if she prefers staying at home and indulging in some binge-watching, it means that she prefers her own space. Moreover, it’s a great conversation starter!

You both can share about the things you love to do on Friday nights and talk about how you look forward to the weekend. This is also among the interesting questions to ask a girl in the getting-to-know-each-other phase. Besides, it will give you some bankable first-date ideas should you decide to take things forward.

7. What kind of music do you like? Any recommendations?

Not only will knowing each other’s music preferences bring you both closer, but it will also get you both to know about each other’s personalities. You can ask her to share her top 5 songs with you and ask her to do the same and talk about how you liked the songs.

If you’re both into music, this is the best message to start a conversation with a girl as it’ll give you a lot to talk about and connect over. You can recommend songs to each other and even share playlists over Spotify or Amazon Music. A perfect way to become more involved in each other’s lives.

8. Are you mom’s favorite or dad’s?

Thinking about what to text a girl to start a conversation that includes her family? This is a sensitive topic and will get her to talk more about her personal life. You can begin by asking about who she thinks pampers her the most and go toward talking about her favorite childhood memories.

She will be pleased to see that you’re so interested in her life. Anuk says this was the text message that helped thaw the ice with a girl he had a huge crush on and took things to the next level. “We’re now engaged to be married,” he beams.

Like we said before, one of the best ways to get a girl interested in talking to you over text is to make the conversation about her. This is a great way to start a conversation with a girl who likes you. She will be more than thrilled to let you in and build a deeper connection with you.

9. If you could have one superpower, what would want it to be?

Everyone dreams of what it would be like if they were a superhero and she will have something in mind too. It will also get you both to use your imaginative skills and talk about the things you both would do if you had the superpower. She will also like it that you’re not the typical guy who is just restricted to hobbies.

If you ever find yourself at a loss during your first conversation with a girl on chat, this is a question you can use blindly. First of all, it never feels out of place. And second, it always elicits some interesting responses from both sides. That’s all you need to liven up the conversation.

10. If you were asked to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

At first, she might feel like you are taking an interview of some sort but the trick here is to give funny answers when she asks you the same question. If you’re wondering what to text a girl to make her smile, this is one you can count on. Your funny replies will make her laugh.

Besides, her choice of words to describe herself will tell you a lot about who she is as a person. Leverage these messages to start a conversation with a girl as often as you can. They serve a dual purpose of making the interaction more interesting and helping you get to know each other better. Undoubtedly, one of the best ice-breaker questions for dating.

11. What is your favorite combination when it comes to food?

In this question, ask her to list combinations that are not typical. Everyone has some favorite combination when it comes to food. Some weird combinations that people have are rice and jam, peanuts and instant noodles. She could have one too. Talking about weird combinations will make you know more about her personality.

You can count on such light-hearted and quirky questions to start a conversation with a girl you don’t know. Since you’re practically strangers still, she may not be comfortable sharing personal details with you. That’s why such conversation starters are the perfect alternative to keep her hooked.

12. What did you want to become when you were a kid?

You both can delve deep into nostalgia with this question. There would be so many memories and backstories attached to this question. This is a great conversation starter and can go a long way. She will become more open to you and will start sharing more.

Jeremy cites this as one of the text a girl to start a conversation examples that helped him break the ice several times over. “With this one girl I was just getting to know, this simple question opened up so many avenues of conversation. We discovered we had so much in common that it felt like connecting with an old friend. We kept talking till late into the night,” he says.

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13. Which series are you binge-watching?

If you want to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp and keep it casual, talking about TV and web series choices is a safe territory that will also help you assess how similar or different your interests are. Besides, there’s so much to talk about when it comes to talking about TV shows and web series. If you haven’t seen the one she is currently watching, then you can ask her more about it and also share the kind of series you like to watch.

If you’ve already watched it, then you can tease her by saying that you will give her spoilers. Besides, if you both are fans of the same franchise, this can give you so much to discuss. All in all, this one is a winner among the best lines to start a conversation with a girl over text.

14. What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

What to text a girl to start a conversation so that she just wouldn’t be able to resist replying? It’s time to once again delve deep into nostalgia and talk about the crazy things that you both have done. She will share some crazy experiences of hers and you both will get to know each other more.

This is one of the best messages to start a conversation with a girl because it’ll instantly help you see her adventurous side without coming off as too intrusive.

15. Would you eat in a restaurant that is dirty but serves amazing food or vice versa?

If you are a foodie and think about fulfilling your foodie dream with a girl, then this question would be important to you. Knowing how important food is to her will help to ascertain whether she is the one. If she has the same thoughts about food as you do, then you’ll have so much more to talk about and this conversation would have no end.

Such either-or messages to start a conversation with a girl can lead to fun revelations, leading you to explore many facets of each other’s personalities. Before you know it, you’d have already established a rapport with her.

16. Which was the funniest meme you saw last?

There’s always one meme that cracks us up a lot. When you feel that you’ve run out of conversation topics and don’t have anything else to talk about, then discussing memes can work. You both can start a meme war too by responding to each other’s texts in memes.

This can effortlessly steer the conversation into a fun, light-hearted zone, allowing you both to shed your inhibitions and talk more freely. It’s a fun way to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, and you can take it to the next level by sharing some of the trending memes with her.

17. Hey! How was the movie last night?

If it’s been some hours since you both have spoken to each other, you can start a conversation by asking her about something that she has done recently, like a recent movie she has watched. Asking her about what the movie was about and how she liked it is a good conversation starter.

This opening text to a girl will show her that you pay attention to the things she tells you and remember the little details about her. Use this to start a conversation with a girl who likes you to let her know how much you care about her. Nothing says ‘the feelings are mutual’ like letting her know that you’re attentive.

18. Just finished watching a series. Any recommendations?

We all love TV shows and web series and feel a sense of emptiness when something we’re hooked to ends. The most difficult task is to find something good to watch because you don’t know where to choose from. You can ask her for recommendations which will get her all excited and you can take it to other topics from there.

This is a bankable topic to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp when you’re not ready to talk about more serious or intimate things. Who knows it may lead you to Netflix and chill together.

19. Which is your favorite foreign country?

We all have our favorite foreign country, somewhere we dream of going one day. You can ask her what is hers and talk about the different things she would do there and what she likes the most there. This simple question can lead to a great conversation. If you have been hitting it off so far, so you can also use this as an excuse to suggest making travel plans together.

“Mia and I were talking to each other for the first time when she said she wanted to visit Ireland. I had recently visited the place and had fallen in love with it. I suggested we take a trip together, and she agreed. About 6 months later, we did. And the rest, as they say, is history,” says Tom.

20. Thinking of ordering food. Any suggestions?

How to start a conversation with a girl online? Food is always a great excuse to talk to her and also get her to respond. She will get excited and tell you about her favorite restaurants and you can continue and ask her about what she’s doing, how her day was, and so on.

This can be a particularly great way to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp or other private messaging apps if you’re new in town. Building up on her recommendations, you can ask her out on a date and make her say yes with something as simple as, “Sounds great! I’d love to check out that Thai restaurant with you. How does Sunday brunch sound?”

21. How’s work treating you?

Work-life sucks for some and some people actually love their job. You can go about asking her how her job is and how she feels about it. If she hates her job then bickering about your jobs can be a good way to start a conversation. If she sees this as an opportunity to vent, be receptive and listen patiently. Hearing her out will make her see you as someone she can turn to when she needs someone to talk to.

22. Tell me something you haven’t told anyone yet

This could be a secret that could be weird, kinky, funny or maybe embarrassing. Whatever it is, it is a good conversation starter as it gets her thinking and sharing stuff that she hasn’t shared with anyone else before. If she shares it with you then it means that she’s including you in her inner circle.

Now starting a conversation with a girl doesn’t seem an ordeal anymore. The above texts are simple yet effective and will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. She won’t think you to be the typical guy and she’ll soon include you in her inner circle. Moreover, you’ll get to know so much more about her personality. You won’t have to think twice before texting a girl anymore.

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