When Heartbeat will start for baby

First heartbeat of the fetus

You are pregnant! The blood test just confirmed it. You are happy to know that this tiny being is developing within you. So small and so present already in your mind and in your heart… It is a miracle that arouses your curiosity and makes you wonder: at what moment will the heart of the future baby begin to beat?

The heart does not beat immediately

In order to hear her little heart beat, you’re going to have to wait a bit. Heart activity does not start before 28 days of pregnancy, because during the first four weeks after fertilization , your future baby has many things to do. It must migrate from the tube to the uterine cavity to implant and begin to develop. About 20 days after fertilization, a bursa can be seen by ultrasound, but the embryo is still not discernible, and even less cardiac activity.

A sign of life on the first ultrasound

Although cardiac activity begins around the 6th week of amenorrhea (SA), it is highly unlikely that it can be observed at that precise time. Because in a pregnancy that develops normally, no ultrasound control is done before two and a half months. Only women whose pregnancy requires special monitoring and early ultrasound can observe the heartbeat of their future baby before the 12th SA.

A heart that beats at full speed

If the pregnancy is normal, you will be able to see and hear your little one’s heart around the 12th SA, as soon as the first ultrasound is done. It is a very special moment in which you will discover, probably together with the father, the first signs of life of the almost constituted baby, with his head, his limbs and his little heart galloping like a fiery horse.

The acceleration of your heart activity need not alarm you. At this stage of its development, the heart emits between 140 and 160 beats per minute, compared to 80 beats in an adult’s heart. The baby’s heart rate will decrease as he grows.

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