Your Baby is 8 Months Old

Your baby is eight months old, he is getting very old!

Since the little one no longer feels that he is a whole with the mother figure, he may demonstrate an important “mamitis”, also called “separation anxiety”, which is totally normal at this age.

We tell you how the development of eight-month-old babies is, from the psychophysical point of view. Learn to better understand your eight-month-old baby!

Growth and development of your 8-month-old baby

At around eight months, the little one understands that he is a person differentiated from his mother, so he may feel insecure when you move away from him: it is what specialists define as ” separation anxiety “.

You will have noticed that, in this period, your child likes to touch everything he sees and experience the different tactile sensations. What can you do?

At this age, babies usually weigh about 8 and a half kilos and measure around 68-70 centimeters : now they are more “chubby”, their skin has folds and they are, as they say, to eat them!

  • Now you can catch the smallest objects well, thanks to the thumb-index grip. To stimulate him, you can offer him some pieces of construction for him to stack: it is difficult for him to do it, but he will learn to manipulate them and make more precise movements, as well as having fun hitting one cube against the other and throwing them to the ground.
  • At around eight months, your baby responds better to how you say things than to what you say in itself : begin to understand yourself by looking more closely at your facial expressions and tone of voice
  • Normally, at this stage you could observe his first attempts to stand up, holding onto some support point with difficulty. As soon as he succeeds, he usually falls back to the ground, but the important thing is that he has understood how it is done and will try again until he succeeds.

And now, do you want to check the progression of your weight and height, with our table of percentiles ?

Feeding your 8-month-old baby

At eight months, the baby can already eat cereals with gluten, yogurt and egg yolk. White fish can also be part of your diet. What guidelines to follow to continue introducing food into your diet?

  • As always, each new food must be introduced gradually and separately, to detect the presence of possible allergies.
  • Just as during the first six months breastfeeding – maternal or artificial – is the baby’s exclusive food source and the one that kept him well hydrated, now, with complementary feeding, you can start giving him a little water with meals main of the day.

ATTENTION! Don’t forget that you should not add sugar or salt to your baby’s purees and porridge. They do not benefit you at all and, in addition, they accustom you to flavors that later will be very difficult to eradicate.

Your 8-month-old baby’s dream

How does your baby sleep? Do you still wake up often? Do you still eat at night? Doesn’t it “let you” rest and you feel exhausted the next day?

  • Sleep problems are extremely common in babies. Many times, dads feel so desperate that they don’t know how to act.
  • If this is your case, first of all, you should not lose your calm, try to promote night sleep by adopting some routines before going to sleep and repeating them every night, so that the baby gradually gets used to it.
  • Regarding routines, establishing a fixed time at bedtime for your baby is highly recommended, but also flexible, since it is not necessary for the little one to go to bed at 8 o’clock, something It can be distressing for mom or dad if one of them works late and comes home when the baby is asleep.
  • As long as your child continues to sleep about 10-11 hours at night as he still needs, you can lengthen the time to go to sleep a little more.
  • Once the time comes, it will be time to start with the massage ritual, songs, stories, incorporate a dim light into the room, etc. that you have established so that he knows that it is time to go to sleep.

ADVICE! During the teething process, the child may suddenly start waking up at night. If so, you can massage his gums with a finger wrapped in sterile gauze or offer him a chilled teether.

Tips and well-being for your 8-month-old baby

A game that amuses him is to look for the toys that you hide from him. At this age, you have already understood that things also exist, even if you cannot see them. What else should you know?

  • The same applies to people: if you walk away, he rebels, because he wants to have you close, but he senses that you have not abandoned him and that you will return soon.
  • Why not give this new learning a twist and play hide-and-seek with it ? Surely you have a fun time while stimulating!

The stage corresponding to the so-called anxiety or separation anxiety is absolutely normal. What does it consist of?

  • The baby does not want to be separated from his mother and distrusts strangers and people with whom, very recently, he was very nice.
  • As always, little by little, you will become more confident, although you will also become more selective with people.

If your baby was born with a lot of hair, his first haircut is likely to come, which you can do at home or at the salon. These are some curiosities about her hair:

  • You should know that it is not necessary to wash your hair daily : with twice a week, using a baby shampoo that does not contain aggressive chemical substances such as parabens and sulfates, a perfume that does not irritate the eyes and a balanced pH between 4, 5 and 6, is more than enough.
  • If you have curly hair, you can also use conditioner.

REMEMBER! It is very important that you spend part of the day playing with the baby. In addition to having his basic needs covered, such as eating and sleeping, the little one needs play and interaction to develop his psychophysical aspect.

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